Venezuela: Government tries to create a false subordinated PCV

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Caracas, 05-22-2023 (TP Newsroom) - The Government of Nicolás Maduro propitiated last Sunday, May 21, a fraudulent event to "build a false positive" with the aim of "disregarding the legitimate decision-making processes within the Communist Party of Venezuela and trying, through administrative or judicial measures, to place it at the service of its neoliberal policy", denounced this Monday the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the PCV, Oscar Figuera.

A day before, the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) held a fake congress to promote the intervention of the PCV. This was the new phase of an assault plan that began after the deepening of the line of confrontation and dissociation of the PCV with the anti-worker, anti-popular and anti-national policies of the Maduro government, explained Figuera in a press statement.


"The February 2018 National Conference demanded a commitment from candidate Nicolás Maduro. A unitary agreement was signed that was never implemented. The processes of confrontation and demarcation became more acute and had an important moment in the elections to the National Assembly of 2020, when the Communist Party demands the National Government to discuss its policy in order to continue accompanying it in the electoral field. They refuse to discuss the policy and the Communist Party then decides to promote a different process; a process of construction of a popular and revolutionary alternative", said the leader of the PCV.


From then on, Figuera recalled, "a line of attack led by President Nicolás Maduro" was developed, which resulted in censorship and media siege, as well as the violation of the political rights of the PCV.


For the regional elections of 2021, the Communist Party of Venezuela was the organization which was disqualified without any justification, the largest number of candidacies in Venezuela before the complicit silence of State institutions such as the National Electoral Council, the Comptroller General of the Republic and even the Supreme Court of Justice.


New phase of the assault plan

Figuera detailed that the assault plan against the PCV has been executed in different stages: "The first one was to try to create conditions so that the 16th National Congress of the Party organized in November last year, would express a fracture that would allow them to act as they have done with other organizations such as Patria Para Todos or Acción Democrática".


"As that was not possible and the Communist Party came out cohesive, united with a clear policy aimed at pushing the struggle of the Venezuelan people and to promote the processes of regrouping of the genuinely revolutionary and popularly based forces, they went to the second phase", pointed out the Secretary General of the PCV.


This stage consisted in the conformation of "a group of mercenaries, of paid ones, of Psuv militants and public officials" that under the leadership of Diosdado Cabello and with financing from State resources toured the country offering the PCV militancy " perks, positions, money, bags of food, houses, vehicles", but they were rejected.


In view of the failure of the group created by Diosdado Cabello to recruit communist militants, "they began to look for other people and that is what was seen yesterday: a fraudulent congress with a presidium whose members do not belong to the Communist Party of Venezuela", said Figuera.


The Secretary General of the PCV gave details of each one of the members of the directive of the fake congress in which stand out well-known militants of the Psuv, officials of the CNE in the state of Monagas and even a councilman of the ruling Somos Venezuela party in the state of Barinas.


Why are they trying to assault the PCV?

"With this action they are trying to prevent the Communist Party from continuing to fulfill its role as a class force at the service of the struggle of the Venezuelan people and the working class; to prevent the Communist Party of Venezuela from continuing to promote the broad unity of workers' action to strengthen the processes of organization and struggle of the Venezuelan people; to prevent the Communist Party from continuing to work on the regroupment of the revolutionary forces," explained Figuera.


The PCV acknowledged the important expressions of solidarity received from the Venezuelan people, from their organizations, from intellectuals, from revolutionary movements and also from international currents, from the Communist and Workers Party worldwide.


"To all of them, the Communist Party sends its message of gratitude, commitment and guarantee that, regardless of what they do from the leaderships in power, the Communist Party will continue to fulfill its role, accompanying and promoting the struggles of the Venezuelan people," he concluded.